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  • Patents Innovations
  • Sarman Singh &AyanDey.Constructing a DNA Chimera for vaccine development against Leishmaniasis and Tuberculosis.Patent Application no.WO 2010/010577 A1.
  • Sarman Singh, KrishnamoorthyGopinath, Amit Singh &Niti Singh. Novel Protein Markers of drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Patent Application no. 1752/DEL/2008.
  • Sarman Singh and Sivakumar R. “Polypeptides for the diagnosis and therapy of Leishmaniasis”. WO 2005/063803 A1 (14-07-2005).
  • Sarman Singh and Pawan Sharma. “Methods for Amplification and Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis”. WO 2005/061730 A1 (07-07-2005).
  • Sarman Singh. “Oligonucleotides for Detection of Leishmaniasis and Methods Thereof”. WO 2005/061729 A1 (07-07-2005).
  • Sarman Singh “Methods for Detection of Toxoplasmosis”. 1611/DEL/2003. (Indian Patent)
  • Sarman Singh & Krishnamoorthy Gopinath. A Process for Clearing the Blood Contamination for easy Detection of Microorganisms. Patent Application no. 743/DEL/2007.
  • Sarman Singh, Pawan Sharma, Venkataswamy Manival, Kanury V.S. Rao, Anil Chatterji, Parameshwaran and Perunninakulath Subrayan “Indian green mussel (Perna virdis) as a source for inhibiting the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”
  • Gene Sequences Submitted to Gen-Bank (25)
  • Leishmania: 4
  • Mycobacterium: 20
  • Cytomegalovirus: 1



Specific antigen for kala-azar diagnosis  developed by Dr. Sarman Singh and rapid test developed by Span diagnostic from the same patented antigen is shown here.


Dr. Sarman Singh along with Honourable Minister of Science and Technology, Governmnet of India and Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, adreesing the media during the release function of his innovative kala-azar rapid test kit.




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