Research Projects

As Principal Investigator

Title Funding agency Period
PCR for the Diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis DBT, Government of India 1991-1993
TNF-alphain Malaria AIIMS 1992-1993
Developing Indigenous ELISA, DAT and Latex agglu-tination test  kits for the diagnosisof  Acute Toxoplasmosis DBT, Government of India 1996-1999
Are Visceral and post Kala-azar dermal leishmaniases caused  by same strain of L. donovani? DBT, Government of India 1996-2000
Identification of Drug Resistant strain (s) of clinically relevantMycobacteria specially M. tuberculosis of genes associated withresistance DBT, Government of India 1996-2000
Isolationof free living amoeba from AIIMS water supply AIIMS 1996-1999
PCR and Cytokine assays in the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis ICMR, New Delhi 1999-2001
Collection of well-characterized clinical samples for the purpose ofevaluation of tests developed by various groups for early detection of M.tuberculosis. DBT, Government of India 1996-2000
Collection of well-characterized clinical samples and strains of M.tuberculosis and development of molecular techniques for the detection of drug resistantstrains DBT, Government of India 2000-2003
Base line Database collection and documentation of Good manufacturingand supply practices adopted by the manufacturers of TORCH- ELISA kits andquality control assessment at the user level of these kits DST, Government of India 2003-2005
Expression, Characterization and purification of recombinant kinesinlike protein of VL and PKDL .. and developing test methods using the aboveantigen. DBT, Government of India 2003-2006
Screening of marine products for in-vitro anti-Mycobacterial activity CSIR, New Delhi 2003-2005
Comparative Evaluation of various in-vitro methods for diagnosingpulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis BioMerieux, India 2004-2007
Rapid and accurate diagnosis of Tuberculosis using a novel set ofprimers directly from clinical samples ICMR, New Delhi 2004-2007
Evaluation of toxicity of Kalsome in Mouse model DST, Government of India 2005-2007
Proteomicanalysis of  M. tuberculosis during the stage of acquisition of resistanceto  Isoniazid and Rifampicin DBT, Government of India 2006-2007
The role of TNFa,IFNγ and the success of anti-tubercular therapy in Immune RestorationDisease in HIV/MTB co-infected patients responding to ART Australia-India Council 2006-2007
Transmission ofDrug Resistant Hepatitis B Virus in Close Family Contacts of HBV-RelatedChronic Liver Disease Patients DST, Government of India 2006-2008
Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Delhi & determiningtheir Transmission Dynamics using Mol. methods. ICMR New Delhi 2007-2009
Detection of Hepatitis A, E, Salmonella , E.histolytica and Giardialamblia from drinking water samples using novel multiplex PCR. DBT, Government of India 2007-2010

As Principal Co-Investigator

Title PI Funding Agency Period
Proteomics of human body fluids: Structural characterization of proteins and target identification for diagnosis and drug discovery. Prof. TP Singh AIIMS DBT, Government of India 2005-2008
Purification, Biochemical and functional characterization of heparin binding proteins in human seminal fluid Dr. Savita Yadav,AIIMS AIIMS 2007